The Practice will Include First-of-Its-Kind Orthopedic Robotic Center

Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brandon Gough is proud to announce the launch of his new private practice Orthopaedic Institute of the West in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Gough will begin seeing new patients at this office from August 2018, and will no longer see new patients at his previous office.

Western Orthopedic Institute, led by the prudent Dr. Gough, is going to provide an exceptional opportunity for patients in and around Phoenix area to receive cutting edge orthopedic treatments combined with compassionate care and personalized support.


The compassionate Dr. Brandon Gough and his team are excited at the prospect of providing more advanced and effective orthopedic solutions to patients and help them return to their normal lifestyle, with total freedom from pain and other related limitations.

Dr. Gough believes that every orthopedic patient should have access to the best of medical and surgical technologies and receive safe, proven and innovative solutions that can transform their lives for the better.

To describe the launch of Orthopaedic Institute of the West in Dr. Gough’s own words: “I am very excited about this new opportunity and cannot wait to start this new journey in my orthopedic career where I will be able to deliver health care to my patients at a level previously unattainable.”


At Western Orthopedic Institute, Dr. Gough is planning to set up a state of the art Orthopedic Robotic Center of Excellence, which will be the first of its kind in the country.

This advanced center will be equipped with futuristic artificial intelligence and robotic capabilities, which when combined with Dr. Gough’s skill and experience, will create new frontiers in orthopedic treatment and solutions for the hip, knee, shoulder and other areas.

The goal of Dr. Gough and his team is to utilize this advanced orthopedic robotic center of excellence to perfect minimally invasive and relatively pain free orthopedic techniques and eliminate the unpredictability, risks and significant invasiveness involved in traditional orthopedic surgeries.

The committed Dr. Gough believes that orthopedic surgeons should be able to maximize the benefits of modern technology so that patients do not need to go through traditional, decades-old treatment regimens.

Micro-surgical and robotic surgical techniques will allow Dr. Gough to achieve the highest accuracy and precision in his procedures in order to create targeted results in a minimally invasive way.

In every orthopedic procedure, Dr. Gough’s objective is to minimize the patient’s risk of complications, avoid unnecessary tissue trauma, and make prolonged and painful post-operative recovery periods a thing of the past.


Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brandon Gough is one of the pre-eminent providers of advanced hip and knee procedures, who is changing the lives of his patients by helping them gain permanent freedom from pain and mobility limitations, and restoring their normal lifestyle.

The accomplished Dr. Gough performs all his orthopedic surgeries himself, and stays closely involved with the patient from the first consultation to the actual procedure and recovery stage. Patients of Dr. Gough enjoy a relationship of trust and open communication with him, and have the confidence that they will receive his personalized care and attention at every step of their procedure.

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