What is Meniscectomy Surgery?

Meniscectomy refers to the surgical removal or a portion or all of a torn meniscus. A meniscus tear is a commonly occurring knee joint injury. An orthopedic surgeon will consider the meniscus’s ability to heal, as well as the patient’s

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What causes a Torn Meniscus?

The meniscus is a cartilage fragment that creates cushioning between the shinbone (tibia) and thighbone (femur). Each knee joint comprises two menisci. The menisci may become torn or damaged during activities that strain or rotate the knee joint. A meniscus

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Torn Meniscus Treatment

A meniscectomy may be a suitable treatment option for people with a torn meniscus in the knee. This is an arthroscopic surgery in which the surgeon inserts a tiny camera into the joint through small incisions. Orthopedic Institute of the

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Types of Surgery Treatments For Knee Pain and Injuries

Knee surgery  can address various conditions that cause pain in the knee. Initial treatment involves the use of nonsurgical therapies. However, in certain situations, knee surgery is may be necessary. Orthopedic Institute of the West, led by kind board certified

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Dr. Brandon Gough featured on 3TV/CBS 5 News

Dr. Brandon Gough was recently featured on 3TV/CBS 5 News to discuss his minimally invasive surgical techniques and robotic-assisted procedures for knee replacement. The article, “Scottsdale doctor performing breakthrough knee replacement surgery” said: “Doctor Brandon Gough at Abrazo Scottsdale is one

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Describing Tendonitis Treatments

Tendonitis treatment is aimed at relieving the patient’s pain and swelling. At times, the only treatment that a patient may need is rest, ice therapy, and over the counter pain medications. Orthopedic Institute of the West, led by committed board

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How to Choose the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Scottsdale?

Orthopedic surgery is an intricate and advanced procedure that should only be undertaken by a highly qualified and judicious orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic Institute of the West, led by reliable board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brandon Gough, provides hip and knee

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How to Choose the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Phoenix?

A majority of orthopedic procedures, specifically orthopedic surgeries, are complicated and delicate. It is vital for the orthopedic surgeon to have an in-depth understanding of the underlying anatomy and physical structures. They should be able to develop an individualized surgical

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What is Orthopedic Surgery?

The diagnosis and surgical treatment of various conditions that impact the musculoskeletal system of the body constitute the main elements of orthopedic surgery. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the nerves, ligaments, joints, tendons, muscles, and the corresponding anatomical parts.

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What is Knee Tendonitis?

The inflammation of a tendon is known as tendonitis. This condition occurs when an individual overuses or injures a tendon. For instance, this happens often in athletics.   It usually occurs due to an acute injury with swelling. It typically impacts

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